Creating a Place of Peace During Times of War

Creating a Place of Peace During Times of War

Chaos. It is something that will persistently nag at normalcy. The world is in chaos right now. Despite the repeated warnings, the realities of war seemed distant- until they no longer were. Yet, the world has always been at war, it is a tale as old as time, raging on at different levels for forever. The fear and unrest that can often accompany it can truly overtake one’s soul if it is allowed to fester. It is easy to become anxious and feel helpless when we hear of wars and rumors of wars. What can we possibly do to make a difference? Dear wife, mother, daughter, you may feel insignificant during times like these but the role God has placed on your life is not. There is much you can do to aid those around you amidst the battles of life.

In times of war the world craves peace. How then can we create an environment of peace during a time of war? By starting with our own hearts and homes. Whether you realize it or not, the state of your heart is the state of your home. We as wives and mothers have a huge influence over the atmosphere in our homes. If we are stressed out and worried, our families will typically feel stressed and worried, and chaos will ensue. We have the ability to create an atmosphere that is calm or chaotic, simply by our attitudes and demeanors. Peace must reign in our own hearts before it can reign in our homes. Is your heart at peace before the Lord? Are you trusting in Him or allowing the events of our broken world to control your thoughts and emotions?

Isaiah 26:3 says, “You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” God is the Prince of Peace, He is the One who paid the ultimate price for us to have peace with God. He is the source of true and perfect peace, if you want peace, you have to get into the presence of God. So start with your own hearts. Go sit at the feet of Jesus until you feel His peace. Drink in His Word. Pour your hearts out to Him in prayer. Cry out to Him on behalf of the nations. Go on singing His praises. Trust Him. Remind yourself of who God is. He is more powerful than the mightiest armies of the earth. He is the One who sets up kings and takes them down. He is bigger than any dictator here on earth. There is no president, communist, tyrant, or totalitarian who is a match for the almighty God. He is never taken by surprise and never thrown off track. He is completely sovereign. Fill your minds with these truths- repeat them over and over again to yourself. Grasp them, believe them and never let go of them. The world has always been at war but God has never once lost control so let your heart rest in Him.

When our hearts are at peace we can then share that peace with others, starting with those inside the four walls of our homes. Women have been uniquely gifted by God to nurture- to “care for and encourage the growth and development of someone”. Embrace your role as a nurturer, hug your husband and cuddle your children. Create memories with your children- get your hands messy making homemade slime or playdough, laugh at the knock knock joke they’ve told you for the umpteenth time, read them one more book, listen to one more song they composed on the piano. Encourage them to love learning. Disciple them. Take them by the hands and teach them to pray for the world. Model what it looks like to walk by faith in times of uncertainty. Give them the hope of the gospel and teach them to share that gospel of hope with others. Children who are nurtured will grow up to nurture well, by nurturing them, you are nurturing future leaders. By discipling them, you are shaping the course of eternity.

The nations need a woman’s touch, so start with your own home, ladies. Be a light to your own home and family. Provide a place of refuge, a place that is welcoming and promises peace in times of unrest. Go on organizing and cleaning, creating order in a time of chaos. Go on doing the laundry and preparing nutritious meals, your family still needs clean clothes to wear and food to eat. Go on educating the children. Go on offering hospitality and encouraging others. Go on creating an atmosphere of peace by first cultivating peace in your heart and home. Eventually, your efforts will reach your neighborhoods, churches, communities and the world. Your role matters, it is not one of insignificance. As the world spirals out of control, we serve a God who remains in control, a God who gives peace in the midst of chaos. Remain steadfast, strengthening yourself in the Lord so that you may be a beacon of light in this perverse generation.

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