Embrace Your Womanhood

Embrace Your Womanhood

We live in a time of deep confusion. Men claim to be women and society not only approves but applauds them for it. Genesis 1:27 presents a very simple concept that has caused potentially the greatest controversy in our culture: “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” It’s all too easy to feel frustrated and helpless with the rampant sexual identity crisis that’s swirling about in our culture. As Christians grapple with how to handle these topics, we must first realize that the issue of our identity must be addressed biblically. In such a time as this, each of us needs to prayerfully ask ourselves the question, “Am I willing to wholeheartedly embrace God’s design for me as a woman?”

Dear Christian Women, I challenge and implore you to embrace the womanhood God has given you. There is nothing the enemy hates more than women being women, and men being men. The enemy loathes it when we walk in the fullness of what we were created to be, when we follow God’s created order. For so long Satan has twisted, manipulated and grossly distorted what a woman should be in this day and age. The world has tainted biblical womanhood to be oppressive- something that enslaves us. Sisters, do not believe their lies! God’s design is beautiful, liberating and perfect. Don’t abandon your post and run from your femininity, embrace it!

Elisabeth Elliot wrote in her book “Let Me Be A Woman”: “The more womanly we are, the more manly men will be and the more God is glorified. Be women, be only women, be real women in obedience to God.” Our generation not only needs strong women, it needs strong men. Now more than ever we need valiant men who are not afraid to be masculine and bold. The family model is being threatened so heavily in this day and age, we so desperately need men who are able to lead our homes with vision, purpose and intention. We need fathers who are willing to protect their children and teach them to interpret everything in society through the lens of Scripture. We as women best encourage our brothers in the Lord to live out their role when we live out ours. When men and women link arms together, each embracing and supporting one another in their God assigned roles, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Womanhood is a sacred appointment given to us as a gift by the very same God who created the Universe, choose to wholeheartedly embrace this gift. The only way to embrace our calling as women is to set aside our own ideas and adhere to what God’s Word says. True and biblical femininity is not about showcasing the glory of woman but showcasing the amazing glory of God.

Godly femininity is more than frills, flounce and fluff. It doesn’t mean you just sit around wearing pretty dresses and painting tea cups all day. Biblical womanhood is HARD. Proverbs 31 gives us an example of what a biblical woman ought to look like. If we examine her life we find that she is highly capable and unwaveringly strong. In verse 10 we can see that this woman is a priceless treasure- she has value far beyond rubies. She is far from the oppressed woman society would like to paint the biblical woman as- she is loved and cherished. We also find that this woman is trustworthy- the heart of her husband safely trusts her. He confides in her. He has no lack of gain because of her loyalty, wisdom and resourcefulness. We can see that she is a hard worker- she works with “willing hands”. She manages her time wisely, rising “while it is yet night” and not “eating the bread of idleness“. She prepares food for those in her home. She possesses entrepreneurship skills- she considers a field, buys it, plants a vineyard and reaps the fruit of her labors thus rewarding her family. She makes linen garments and sells them, delivering them to merchants- she has the mind of a buisness woman. She is smart and capable. She is strong- and dignified “girding her arms with strength“, “strength and dignity are her clothing“. She has a servant’s heart, her ministry reaches beyond the four walls of her home, she extends her hands to the poor and needy. She is not obsessed with her appearance nor is she frumpy, she maintains herself well, clothing herself with fine linen and purple. She is not an anxious woman given to worry but laughs without fear of the future because her faith is in God and she trusts His promises. She cares for her household well, not neglecting it despite the multitude of tasks she must manage and accomplish. She is not ditzy or dumb but opens her mouth with wisdom. She is not cruel or harsh but speaks kindly to others and of others. Her husband and children praise her. Having observed her godliness first hand, they speak well of her, she has earned their respect. This woman is not just sitting around at home twiddling her fingers all day trying to find things to do. She is not neglecting her family or her home. She is not lazy, oppressed or restricted, she has many responsibilities and is always busy. She is productive and deeply fulfilled in the role given to her by God.

Biblical womanhood is not weakness. It takes great strength to live biblically and to go against the grain of the culture. Those who are strong enough to embrace their God given role and speak out against what society would have us believe about women are often mocked and silenced. We are in dire need of strong women who are willing to embrace the truth and be a light in the darkness by walking in their God given role with joy. Wimpy womanhood has no place in the kingdom of God, we need women willing to fight for the truth of God’s Word, to follow His standards despising the shame. We need women who will gladly embrace their womanhood. Women who will stand by their husbands being their ever devoted supporters. Women who are willing to follow their husbands into the trenches, without fear of getting a little dirt under their fingernails in order to aid him in his life mission. We need women who are not content to raise children who simply grow up to be “good little church goers” but warriors in the army of the Lord. Women who will take seriously their responsibility to raise “arrows” for the kingdom of God and unreservedly shoot them out so that they too can join the fight for truth defined by Scripture. Women who are willing to unreservedly take up their cross and follow Jesus.

Women, you are called to service, to labor for the Kingdom of God. Yes, the Bible does teach that there are different roles for men and women, but it is clear too that God did not create one gender to be better or more useful in the Kingdom of Heaven. Women have an obligation to serve Christ just as much as men do. Jesus Himself validated the importance of women during His earthly ministry, His life communicated a woman’s worth and significance in His Kingdom. Your womanhood does not give you an exemption from serving Christ, biblical womanhood IS serving Christ in the various ways He has called you to. There are many ways you can do this of course and it will look different for everyone depending on their season of life. The busy mother with young children is, for the most part, focused on her duty of raising children. The single woman has more freedom to serve beyond the home in other feminine ways. Regardless of your season in life, find a way to embrace your womanliness- this is who God created you to be. You were born for such a time as this. Stand firm, resolute. Hold to the truth, live it out unreservedly and unashamedly. Embrace your womanhood and God will be honored.

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