Are You Contributing To The Sexualization Of Our Culture? 

Are You Contributing To The Sexualization Of Our Culture? 

Christ has called us to be light in the darkness, but how well is the Christian church doing that? The very fact that we are now standing in the midst of the broken ruins of our culture says enough to me that we haven’t obeyed Jesus. We thought if we could be nice, easy and not say to much against our culture’s vices, then they would like us more and want Jesus more. But there is no neutrality. You will either shine bright for Christ by living the more excellent way and calling out the vices with God’s Word or you will add to the chaos and be swept along with the culture into more darkness. People make up culture and we are apart of those people, therefore our words, thoughts and actions contribute to our culture. It can be for good or for evil. Dear sisters, we should exam ourselves, in the light of scripture, to see if we are walking in the more excellent way or not.

We cry out against the over-sexualization of our youth, and rightly so.

We cry out against transgender activism of our youth, and rightly so. 

We cry out against the wickedness of pornography, and rightly so. 

But all that we see happening around us, hasn’t happened overnight. It was a slow steady drip, drip, drip.

We have slowly been desensitize. The church has allowed this desensitization and contributed to it. 

The scripture has a lot to say on modesty(check out my article “Simple Modesty” for scriptural definitions of it), conduct, purity and what you fill your mind with. I could start listing many verses of scripture, but I think you would just check out mentally. Also, I’d rather you be curious and concerned enough to go and search them out for yourself. 

We all need to keep growing as Christians and from time to time it’s good to reevaluate your life. This includes all areas: speech, actions, thoughts, dress, entertainment, etc. Often God will put His finger on something to make you aware of what you need to work on, He is a kind Father. 

So what I would like to do is ask some thought provoking questions to help you consider yourself and how you are living right now. Then go to scripture and see what you can find that would address that specific area. 

•What do you fill your mind with? 

Are your movies, Netflix, TV, or YouTube  videos full of sexual scenes, sexual insinuations, crude jokes or immodesty? Does the music you listen have filthy language, sexual remarks, cheating and breakups? Do you entertain yourself with romance novels full of fake realities of man and women relationships and sexual fantasy? 

•How do you dress yourself? 

Are you wearing bikini’s and one-piece swimming suits? Are your shorts so short that when you sit down, one can’t tell if you are wearing them? Do you like to show off your tummy? Are your leggings so tight they look painted on? Are you showing off your back or front side with cleavage? Are you pouring over worldly fashion magazines, full of scantily clad women? Or absorbed with fashion vloggers that are lovers of self? You will mimic what you fill your mind with. 

•How do you act with people?

Do you seek to draw attention to yourself and your body by being loud and flirty? 

Last thoughts.

What if Christians all over America got serious about fighting against sexual perversion and did it by living different way for themselves? I wonder what might happen. We can’t hope to be a light if we are adding to the darkness, either by carelessness or we just like to please ourselves. This is a very serious time we live in and our children and grandchildren will reap what we sow. So please consider long and hard how you may contribute to our culture, for evil or for good. If you see areas in your life you need to change in, then do it! Do it first and foremost for the glory and honor of Christ and then also for your fellow man. 

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